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Mobile electrolaboratory

Commissioning is performed on the basis of the certificate on laboratory No. 732 registration of 11.05.2012 and the certificate on the admission to works No. 0046.06-2010-5501087918-C-049.

JSC "SPA "Sibelektroshield" carries out commissioning, tests and electric equipment adjustment to 220 kV. The necessary park of measuring equipment, the test equipment and adaptations provide the highest level of quality of carried-out works and reliability of operation of the equipment further.


We offer you services of mobile electrotechnical laboratory:

● Adjustment and maintenance of devices of relay protection, automatic equipment and telemechanics in electroinstallations to 110 quarter.
● Tests of power transformers, autotransformers, oil reactors.
● Tests of electromagnetic, oil, gas-insulated, vacuum switches.
● Tests of disconnectors, separators, korotkozamykatel.
● Tests of measuring transformers of current.
● Tests of measuring transformers of tension.
● Measurements of valve rated sportsmen and overstrain limiters.
● Tests and measurements of condensers.
● Tests of the national teams and connecting tires.
● Tests of inputs, through passage, suspended and basic insulators.
● Tests and measurements of air-lines of an electricity transmission.
● Tests of power cable lines to 20 Quarter.
● Tests of complete distributing devices of internal and external installation to 35 kV.
● Test of electric motors of a direct current to 10 kV.
● Tests of switches of loading to 20 kV.
● Tests of electric motors of alternating current to 10 kV.
● Tests of safety locks to 10 kV.
● Tests of tubular rated sportsmen.
● Tests of grounding devices.
● Test of transformer oil for dielectric durability.
● Test of resistance of isolation of wires, cables, power electric equipment of devices and secondary chains.
● Tests by the increased tension of industrial frequency of electrotechnical products, devices, power and lighting conductings, secondary chains of schemes of protection, managements, alarm systems and measurements.
● Tests by the high straightened voltage to 100кВ, a high alternating voltage to 60кВ. Power is 25 kVA.
● Determination of nature of damage and distance to a damage place without прожига cable isolation (analog of the device of "KABELLUX" of SEBA DYNATRONIC firm)
● Measurement of capacity of a tangent of dielectric losses of isolation.
● Measurement of current of leak on a high voltage for test of rated sportsmen. Limits of measurement 100, 300, 3000 мка.
● Measurement of losses of idling of power transformers.
● Measurement of resistance of windings of a direct current by a voltmeter ampermeter method.
● Determination of coefficient of transformation of transformers complete with the K-540 device (in the package of delivery isn't included).
● Tests of isolation of devices for RZA check.

List of devices and equipment of stationary electrotechnical laboratory:

● Transformer load NT-12
● MMR-600 microohmmeter
● Microohmmeter of MAINE-3
● Measuring instrument of parameters of the electric MPI-511 network
● Installation for AIM-80 oil breakdown
● Measuring instrument of a tangent of angle of dielectric losses Vector-2М
● Condenser air model P5023
● Installation high-voltage AID-70/50
● Device of check of means of relay protection of FR-5000
● Device of check of means of relay protection of FM-5000
● Device of check of means of relay protection of FP-5000
● Installation high-voltage IOM-100, E545, NOM-6 Voltmeter
● F4102/2-1M megaohmmeter
● Voltamperfazometr PARMA-VAF-A
● Voltamperfazometr VAF-85
● D566 wattmeter
● Device of check of means of relay protection of Retom-61
● Prefix to RETROM-61 RET-TN
● Prozruzochnik of AVATARS AP-8k
● Transformer of current of UTT-6M2
● Installation high-voltage AII-70
● Measuring instrument of resistance of isolation of MIC-3
● Measuring instrument of parameters эл. MRP-200 networks.